Ellenbrook Arts Exhibition

My first group exhibition in Australia!! :D

The exhibition, held at Ellenbrook Arts Gallery, was open to the public from 23rd May to 7th June 2015, exhibiting over 120 artworks from different artists. Among them was my painting Regatta in Perth :) (see photo).

Some photos from the opening night can be seen below.

More photos at the Ellenbrook Arts Facebook page.

Coverage of the event in the following link by The Social Pages.

Regatta in Perth (I)

This painting depicts an afternoon scene with my colleagues at the Swan River.

The instinctual draw of water lies in our human nature and, particularly for a group of marine researchers, it is no surprise that our social events revolve around it. The image shows the carefree side of scientists, having fun racing boats and feeling the winds that whip up the river and catch the sails.

This painting captures the essence of the Perth’s austral summer. The city skyline combined with the river view illustrates the juxtaposition of the Western Australia life – city and nature, work and leisure, movement and stillness, all blended in perfect harmony.



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