The beauty of what you do not see

I consider there is some attractiveness on what you do not get to see completely, on what leaves you with the desire of seeing more, of knowing more. We have an extraordinary mind that fills the gaps for us, and yet, we want more, we want it all.

Part of the beauty of the sea lies in the way it reflects the sunlight. So is it smart to partially hide it?

Why not.

Waves at Busselton, Australia (I)

This is my first commissioned work :)

I am lucky because I was told to paint what I like the most, the sea, and with almost total freedom. It needed to have a quiet wave in a colorful sea to transmit serenity and peace.

Did I succeed?

Waves at Busselton, Australia (On easel) 


8 thoughts on “The beauty of what you do not see

  1. Beautiful – I’d say you more than succeeded! Wonderful wave structure, colors used for depth, and nice work on the sea foam. What I am really enjoying the most is the fluidness and soft flow of the water, beautiful lines with just the right amount of sunlight patterns. The customer will be thrilled by this painting.

  2. That painting is amazingly beautiful. To answer your question, yes you’ve more than succeeded! I can hear the waves and smell the salty water by just looking at the painting. x

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